Advantages of portable force measurement

  • Wide measurement range spectrum for various applications
  • Comfortable "handheld device" for uncomplicated use
  • Use as a stationary system for force monitoring
mobile force measuring device customized
Individual adaptation to your application on request


Roll pressure measurement

Calibration of web tension measurement

Monitoring und process optimization

Measurement principle für mobile force measurement devices:

Portable Force Measurement Sensor FCS

Handheld sensor for compression force measurement in hard-to-reach-places

Nominal force range 500 N ... 100 kN
4 Sizes

Data sheet (pdf)

Portable Roller Measuring System PRM

With the given angle geometry and the ready-mounted rollers.
Length, position and diameter of the rolls are constructed according to your request.

Data sheet (pdf)

Handheld Amplifier PAD2

Mobile measurement amplifier for strain gauge force measuring sensors

Power supply: 4 batteries, Typ AA
Resolution: 16 bit

Data sheet (pdf)

In addition to the product range for the stationary measurement and control of forces HAEHNE also has portable systems for the mobile force measurement in particular of so-called Nip forces as they occur between two rollers . This makes it possible to align the rollers for a uniform nip pressure . For this application, there are amounts of portable sensors available that cover a power range from X to y kN . In addition to this specific application, there are a number of other suitable load cells from the HAEHNE program which can be used for decentralized or mobile force monitoring.