Force Measuring Blocks

Web tension sensors of the pillow block design are distinguished by their compact design. The tensionmeter block is mounted between the pillow block bearings and the machine frame. In general the pillow block sensors detect the horizontal or the vertical components of the strip tension.

Radial Force Sensors

The flange sensors capture the bearing forces acting on both sides of bearing rolls, in order to determine the web tension. The force sensors serve as flange bearing housing. Depending on the application and web geometry different types of design can be used.

Measuring Rolls

Measuring rollers with integrated or attached load cells provide a complete solution for precise web tension measurement and control. They can be mounted on both sides of the measurement roll or only one side as a cantilever sensor rolls to ensure the constant web tension measurement and control.

Narrow Web and Pulley Tension Sensors

Tension sensors of the cantilever design measure tension forces in narrow webs, ribbons, filaments, wires, cables and ropes. These cantilever narrow web transducers are designed for measuring applications in conjunction with pulleys, sheaves or narrow web measuring rollers. They can reliably measure and control nominal tension forces ranging from 10 to 2000 N.

The closely graded force measuring ranges of the HAEHNE Web Tension Sensors offer an optimal adaptation to the acting web tension forces during operation. With high accuracy and integrated overload protection, they are essential for process optimization in a wide range of running web applications such as unwinders, rewinders, slitters, foil extruder, embossing, laminating and printing machinery, packaging machines and many others.
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