High Load Transducer DZH

  • for force measurements on eccentric presses and hydraulic presses
  • for supporting force measurement on excavators, bridges, cranes, masts and piers
  • for installation in various weighing systems such as bunker scales and platform scales

The high transverse stiffness and good accuracy are advantageous. The corrosion protection and the encapsulated cavities allow installation even in harsh environmental conditions.

The special type DZHW is vibration-resistant, has a higher overload capacity and is used to measure rolling force in the direct force flow under the spindle.

Type DZHL is equipped with an axial spherical plain bearing and can absorb forces which are transmitted obliquely to the vertical.

Technical data of high force transducer / load cell

Nominal force 1 ... 20 MN
Combined error 0,5 %
Excitation voltage 20 ...30 V

Supplied with flange plug or special cable.

Product description (pdf)

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Can be calibrated as load cell in kg/t for weight loads.
Other nominal forces and dimensions on request.