Pressure force sensor DK4

Pressure force sensor made of stainless steel for large forces, designed as a compact compression body.

Technical Data

Nominal Force [kN] 200; 500; 650; 1000
Max. operating force [%] 150
Combined error [%] 1
Bridge supply voltage [VDC] 10

Scope of Supply

Pressure Force Sensor with 5 m cable (PVC), axial cable outlet and straight cable gland (connection variant T) , incl. load button

Additional Accessories
Self aligning pad

Application Examples Pressure Force Sensor

Similar Sensors


Druckkraftsensor aus Edelstahl als Stauchkörper für größte Kräfte im Mega-Newton-Bereich

Nennkraftbereich 1 ... 2 MN


Robust compression force sensor for harsh environments, also for use in very wet machine and work areas
Nominal force range 1 ...50 kN



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