Tension Bars

Tensile force plates are used for weighing suspended loads or e.g. for monitoring the tensile force in loop accumulators. In combination with two shackles and a field amplifier or measuring amplifier with display, they form a simple mobile crane scale. Possible tensile force measurements result from conveyor belts, cranes, load bracings, vehicles, ships, ropes, chains and winches.

Advantages of the tension bars:

  • High safety and vibration resistance
  • Small hysteresis thanks to one-piece production from high-strength material
  • Encapsulated and sealed measuring chamber
  • Reliable corrosion protection through the use of special steels, high-strength aluminium, paintwork or coatings.
  • The eyes for load application match the bolts of common shackles.
  • With load-free remote calibration via CAL resistor (can also be used to check the entire measuring chain), nominal load is simulated
  • Optionally available with spherical plain bearings (type ZKG)
  • Special designs possible (e.g. with fork holders for use with rope thimbles)
  • ATEX version also available on request

Technical data of tension bars

Nominal force 1 ... 200 t or 10 ... 2000 N
Combined error 0,3 %
Excitation voltage 10 ...15 V
Working load 2fold of nominal load

Supplied with flange connector or special cable

Product description (pdf)

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Special cable, calibration to kN,
Suitable, high-strength shackles on request.