Strenghts of HAEHNE Measurement Amplifiers Systems

  • Rise times of filter continuously adjustable
  • Electrical isolation
  • Power supply and signal outputs electrically isolated
  • Very fast processing times



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Our Extensive Standard Program

Measuring Amplifier MV125

Reliable amplifier in field enclosure

Signal outputs: -10... +10 V/V   /   4...20 mA
Amplification adjustment range: 400... 3200 V/V

Data sheet (pdf)

Strain Gauge Amplifier AME2

Easy to use, cost-effective amplifier for DIN rail mounting

Signal outputs: -10... +10 V/V   /   4...20 mA
Amplification adjustment range: 400... 3200 V/V

  • All adjustments front panel accessible
  • Rise time of filter infinitely adjustable
  • Galvanically isolated
  • Plug-in terminal blocks

Data sheet (pdf)

Force Measurement Amplifier DMA2

Amplifier with digital adjustment for time efficient commissioning

Signal outputs: -10... +10 V/V   /   4... 20 mA
Amplification adjustment range: 400 ...  2800 V/V

  • Integrated display of actual force and parameters
  • Push button adjustment
  • Peak value storage
  • Gain function

Data sheet (pdf)

Video guide for zero calibration


1 Channel Strain Gauge Amplifier with PROFINET Interface

    • 24bit Σ-Δ-AD converter for highest precision
    • Very fast cycle time for time-critical applications
    • Simple integration of the interface in PROFINET networks
    • ProfiNet IRT with 2 Port Switch (2 x RJ-45), Conformance Class C
    • Neighborhood detection within the network (LLDP)

    Data sheet (pdf)

    Device description file (xml)

    Also available for ProfiBus and EtherNet applications

    Inline Cable Amplifier CA

    Space saving inline cable amplifier for field mounting close to the sensor

    Signal outputs: -10... +10 V/V    /    4... 20 mA
    Amplification adjustment range: 20...4000 V/V

    Data sheet (pdf)



    Measurement Amplifier MV127

    Amplifier in field enclosure with adder function

    Signal outputs: -10... +10 V/V    /    4... 20 mA
    Amplfication adjustment range: 400...3200 V/V

    Data sheet (pdf)

    Analog Measurement Amplifier MV128

    Analog measurement amplifier with analog display

    Signal outputs: -10... +10 V/V    /    4 ... 20 mA
    Amplification adjustment range: 400 ... 3200 V/V

    Data sheet (pdf)

    Preamplifier PAM2

    Preamplifier in aluminum enclosure for sensor cable length longer than permissible

    Amplfication factor: 100

    Data sheet (pdf)

    Digital Panelmeter PM2

    Digital display with ±10 V DC Nominal input voltage

    Resolution: 3½ digits, ±1999 LCD display

    Data sheet (pdf)