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Force signals via USB in the PC

With the new cable amplifier CA-USB, signals from HAEHNE force sensors can now be comfortably read into PC's and then be further evaluated.

The amplifier and evaluation unit CA-USB enables the continuous acquisition and storage of measured value signals. The post-analysis of the data can be carried out using standard spreadsheet programs (e.g. MS Excel, LabView). So the CA-USB is particularly suitable for analysis, test or laboratory measurements, where the further processing with the PC is in the foreground. 

The CA-USB is characterized in particular by the following strengths:

• Coordinated delivery of sensor and matching CA-USB 

• Easy installation on site and on the computer 

• Power supply of the measuring system via USB port of a PC 

• Fast measurement up to 5000 measurements / s 

• Up to 16-bit resolution 

• Adjustment and control signal activation via software 

• Automatic detection of the sensor after a single parameterization of the measuring amplifier


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