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HAEHNE Force Measurement Technologies Acquires Dr. Brandt

On November 19, 2019, HAEHNE Elektronische Messgeräte GmbH, Düsseldorf, acquired all shares in Dr. Brandt GmbH, Bochum, Germany. Both companies will remain as independent companies with their own brands. However, the partners will work closely together in core functions and thus achieve know-how, synergy and economies of scale. In addition, the product ranges complement each other ideally so that customers can be offered even better and more suitable solutions for their measurement tasks. The advantages resulting from cooperation in development, purchasing, production and manufacturing should of course ultimately benefit the customer.

Since its foundation in 1977, HAEHNE GmbH has continuously expanded and improved its competence in the field of strip tension measurement and control of running strips, strips and wires. HAEHNE's technology is present not only in the steel and aluminium industries, but also in many other sectors such as the paper, plastics, converting, textile and wire industries through agencies on all continents.

The company Dr. Brandt GmbH, already founded in 1949, has its focus in particular on the production and processing of strip materials made of steel and non-ferrous metals. As a worldwide pioneer in the industry, Dr. Brandt is constantly working on the further development of its products. The special competence of Dr. Brandt is expressed not only in a wide range of standard sensors for the most varied requirements in these industries, but also in designs adapted to the force ranges to be measured and controlled. In addition to their reliable, high-precision mode of operation, these measuring systems developed and produced to fit perfectly are also distinguished by their particularly long service life. They can not only be used for newly planned systems. The company also plays a leading role as a specialist for spare parts components in the retrofitting of existing plants.

Special customer solutions have been supplied over the years to applications as diverse as wind turbines, dams, ship lifts, salvage cranes, etc. for both high temperatures and aggressive environments. The individual production facilities of Dr. Brandt contribute positively to the shortening of delivery times and thus to the readiness to deliver.