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Intelligent force measuring technology with IO-Link

HAEHNE is now offering an IO-Link interface for all its force and strip tension sensors and is thus on the way to Force Measurement 4.0.

With the IO-Link, HAEHNE has a universal data interface that enables two-way communication between the controller and the sensor. In addition to the pure sensor readings, the HAEHNE devices can now also directly pass on further information to the controller, such as: for type designation, standardization and characteristic curve. In return, however, the higher-level controller can also send information or settings for the parameterization to the sensor, so that in particular the installation and commissioning can be significantly simplified. The HAEHNE IO-Link interface also offers many advantages during production and maintenance, such as a comprehensive diagnostic capability of the sensor as well as comprehensive information with regard to possible troubleshooting, maintenance or replacement of the devices. All this can be conveniently set and checked via the interface.


> Measuring Amplifier with IO-Link Interface





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