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New strain gauge amplifier for EtherNet/IP, ProfiNet or Profibus

The new strain gauge amplifier “DA-“ from the HAEHNE company has extensively expanded its interface connection possibilities to EtherNet/IP and Profibus. In addition you can choose between
a 1- and 2 channel version. Also the customer can choose if he prefers the amplifier “DA-” in a housing for DIN-Rail-Mounting or for field mounting (GK-version).

The new series of digital amplifiers is especially meant for the efficient measurement data transfer of force sensors especially for the strip and web tension measurement. The connection to EtherNet/IP, ProfiNet or Profibus networks is fast and convenient. The DA-series has the special advantage of its very fast cycle time for time-critical applications (0.5 ms) because of its 24bit Σ-Δ-AD converter.
Also the DA is available for a good value to price ratio.

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