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What do the technical terms of force measuring sensors on the product descriptions mean?

Nominal Force FnomN / kN / MNThe force for which the sensor has been designed.
Measuring RangeN / kN / MNThe force range for the intended use of the sensor. The accompayning error limits should not be excced within the range.
Operating Force%The maximum force in the measuring direction that a sensor with overload protection can be exposed to without loosing its measuring properties. The operating force of sensors without overload protection equals the absolute maximum force.
Absolute max. Force%The maximum permissible force for the sensor which does not damage its measuring characteristics. The specified error limits do not apply to this force
Nominal Ratingm V/VThe nominal rating of a sensor describes the output signal of that sensor under the application of the nominal force in relation to the bridge alimentation voltage. A force sensor with a nominal rating of 1,5 mV/V with 10 V bridge alimentation voltage and an application of nominal force (100%) generates an output signal of 15 mV
Combined error%The largest single error of the sensor output is smaller than the error value of this combined error class.
Reproducibility %Deviation of the output signal after repeated application of the same force or after an extended period of time or variations of the applied force.
Linearity Deviation%Maximum deviation of the output signal from the straight line of best fit under continuously increasing force in relation to the final value of the measuring range.
Hysteresis%Relative difference of the measurement values between increasing and decreasing application of the load.
Nominal Ambient Temperature°CThe temperature range in which the sensor functions within the limits of specified technical data and the error limits.
Operational Temperature Range°CThe temperature range in which the sensor functions without permanent damage to the measurement properties. The specific error limits do not apply, however, to this temperature range.
Nominal Resistance of Strain GaugeΩThe ohmic resistance of the total full bridge is used to determine the load of the supply voltage resulting from the force sensor.
Supply VoltageV DCAlimentation voltage of the force sensor to ensure error and fault free operation. The highest value specified for the force sensor should not be exceeded to avoid excessive increase in temperature of the strain gauge.
Enclosure Protection RatingsIP1st digit: 5 = dust protected, 6 = dust tight;
2nd digit: 4 = protected against splashing water, 5 = against water jets, 6 = against powerful water jets, 7 = against effects of immersion 8 = against submersion.