Geometrical Adaption of Force Sensors

Mechanical Adaption

Customer specific sensors have become a particular focus of the HAEHNE company. In general these modifications are not simple dimensional changes as is typical in load pins in terms of such parameters as diameter, length, holes and force measurement ranges. Most of our customer specific solutions provide special benefits for either avoiding changes to existing machine designs or resulting in simplified cost efficient machine designs.

Typical examples are:
- Customer specific solutions in the force measurement technology in particular with regard to the required dimensions. These are very diverse and cover the whole range from a one-time special solution to customer-specific developments for certain types of standard machinery.

- Reducing the size of the sensors in order to minimize the space required in confined spaces, but also to reduce the so-called ecological footprint of the entire system.


Special sizes are indicated at the end of the order code with an X, the changed nominal force range is made clear with the large letter K. The actual nominal force range is at the position that is specified in the order example on the relevant product descriptions.
The letter T refers to the connector variant. The possible connection options vary depending on the design and requirement of the sensors, you see it on the product description.




Sensors with special dimensions



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