Tension and Compression Force Sensor ZK2

The tension and compression force sensor ZK2 is equipped with internal threads on both sides and is suitable for the exact measurement of forces in rods.

Technical Data

Nominal Force (Standard)

Size A: 10 and 20 kN
Size B: 50 and 100 kN

max. operating force160 %
Absolute max. force of sensors250 %
Accuracy0,5 %
Bridge supply voltage10 V DC

Scope of Supply

Force sensor with 5 m cable (PVC), radial output and plug connection S2, right-angled, M12, moulded

Other connections variants
N2: Plug connection straight, M12 moulded
T: Cable gland straight

Mounting Option ZK2

Application example with eyebolts. The polarity of the measuring signal changes with the direction of the force.

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