Force Measurement with Load Pins

Advantages of HAEHNE Force Measurement Load

  • Space-saving design for direct integration into force bearing component
  • Changing of dimensions for easy retrofitting of existing structures without redesign
  • Sensing of very large forces up to 2 MN
  • Available with integrated electronics
  • Applications in hazardous environments possible



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    Special Measurement Bolts according to your specifications

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    - KMB  ø 10 - 29 mm

    - KMB  ø 30 - 100 mm


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    Standard Measuring Bolts

    Force Measurement Bolts KMB

    Space saving force measurement bolt for flexible measurement on clevises or machine parts

    Nominal force range 0,4 ... 400 kN
    Material: Stainless steel or aluminum

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    Force Measurement Bolt KMB-A

    Flexible measuring pin with integrated amplifier

    Nominal range 6,3 ... 63 kN
    Material: Stainless steel

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