Force Measurement in Papermaking

HAEHNE web tension sensors are part of the entire process chain of paper production from the wet section to the finished rolls or sheets. A paper machine is a especially challenging web tension measurement and control application because of the very large and heavy rolls running at high speeds with relatively low web tensions. This requires force measuring sensors which are characterized by exceptional stiffness and highly sensitive measurement technology. For paper processing machines like slitter and sheeter HAEHNE provides pillow block load cells and radial force sensors of all force ranges and very precisely adjustable measuring amplifier and digital controller. By the way: the first Fieldbus amplifier (Interbus) for the web tension application in a sheeter came from HAEHNE.

Typical Applications

  • Papermaking in the wet, coating and drying section

  • Monitoring of cable train and the winding and unwinding

  • Slitting and sheeting