Web Tension With Measuring Rollers

Measuring rollers provide complete mechanical systems for web tension measurement. The customer receives either all components he needs to install a measuring roller from a single source or he receives a completely assembled measuring roll with internal force sensors and optional with integrated electronics as one part. Depending on the application and load range different types are used.



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- Measuring roll with bearing both sides or

- Measuring roll with cantilevered design, bearing one side


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For example:

Sensors for built-in roll mounting, also for flatness measurement rolls
For special requirements, especially for large roll diameters, HAEHNE can supply sensors for mounting into the roll shell. This makes it possible to build segmented rolls, e.g. for flatness measurement and also for nip force measurement in winders.

Our Extensive Standard Program

Measuring Roll MUW

All components required for web tension measurement from a single source: rolls, sensors and bearing support blocks

Nominal force range 200 N ... 30 kN
Diameter: up to 40 mm

Data sheet MUW (pdf)

Measuring Roll MEZ

Measuring rolls with mounted space-saving sensors for rolls with a smaller diameter

Measuring direction 20 ... 4000 N
Diameter: from 40 mm

Data sheet MEZ (pdf)

Measuring Roll MES

Measuring rolls with internal web tension sensors

Nominal force range 100 ... 2000 N
Diameter: from 100 mm

Data sheet MES (pdf)

Force Measuring Roll MESA

Complete measuring rolls with integrated force sensor and mounted amplifier

Nominal force range 100 ... 2000
Diameter: from 100 mm

Data sheet MESA (pdf)

Force Measuring Roll MWF, cantilever design

Cantilevered measuring rolls, designed according to customer specification

Nominal force range ... 2000 N
Diameter: 100 ... 250 mm

Data sheet MWF (pdf)

Force Measuring Roll MWFM, cantilever design

Cantilevered measuring rolls for demanding measurement applications

Nominal force range 100 ... 1000 N
Diameter: 250 ... 400 mm

Data sheet MWFM (pdf)

Which roll for which application?

Measuring RollsNominal Force Range [N]Roll Length [mm]Roll Diameter [mm]
MUW200 - 30000ab 100ab 40
MEZ20 - 4000ab 100ab 40
MES100 - 2000ab 10080 - 200
MESA100 - 2000ab 10080 - 200
MWF50 - 2000100 - 250ab 80
MWFM100 - 1000250 - 400ab 90

Available Designs

VersionsStandard VersionsOther Available Versions
MaterialAluminumSteel, Stainless steel, CFRP, plastic
Surface coatings
and treatments
Belt grindedChromium, nickel, teflon, rubber, plasma coated, hardcoated / anodizet
Surface structure Fluted, grooved, rhombic, etc.
Surface roughnessRz 8-12 µmon customers request
Balance qualityQ 2,5Q 6,3 ; Q 2,5 ; (acc. to VDI 2060)

Examples of possible measuring rollers


Diameter 60 mm
Roll length 200 mm
Nominal force 100 ... 150 N


Diameter 70 mm
Roll length 100 mm
Nominal force 500 N


Diameter 80 mm
Roll length 150 mm
Nominal force 500 N


Diameter 90 mm
Roll length 450 mm
Nominal force 50 N


Diameter 80 mm
Roll length 450 mm
Nominal force 200 N


Diameter 90 mm
Roll length 250 mm
Nominal force 50 N


Diameter 90 mm
Roll length 450 or 550 mm
Nominal force 200 N