Complete measuring chains for your ATEX application

HAEHNE offers complete measuring chains for potentially explosive environments.

For demanding measurement tasks involving high dust levels, dangerous gas formation or at high temperatures, HAEHNE supplies ATEX-certified force measuring sensors with the appropriate accessories.

Explosion-proof force measuring devices

are used in hazardous areas due to gas development
  - for chem coaters, in aluminum rolling mills, painting plants, chemical industry

in explosive environments due to high dust generation
  - in lime works, grain mills

in force measurement applications with high temperature development
  - up to 135° C

Components of the measuring chain

Almost all of our force sensors are certified for explosion protection and are supplied as a complete measuring chain, consisting of a force sensor, J-Box, safety barriers and a measuring amplifier. The J-Box contains the resistances required for zero point and sensitivity adjustment and is permanently assigned to the force sensor by the common serial number. For deliveries that contain more than one measuring chain, the individual components must not be interchanged.

The components of the measuring chain are identified by an "F" in the order code:

For example RKS01D-50k-TF

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Ex protection marking of HAEHNE sensors


CE0123Notified body
IIEquipment Group II (not underground - mining)
2Category 2 (high level of security)
Gas - Zones 1 and 2
Dust - Zones 21 and Zone 22
Ex iaIntrinsically Safe Equipment
IICExplosion Group Gas (Devices from group IIC are also certified for IIA and IIB
IIICExplosion Group Dust (Devices from group IIIC are also certified for IIIA and IIIB
T6 - T1Temperature Class
T135°CMaximum permissible surface temperature of the device
Gb / DbEquipment Protection Level (EPL)

Download documents for ATEX certified strain gauge sensors

HAEHNE has had its product range certified with a type examination and can therefore offer almost all force sensors with ATEX approval. The strain gauge sensors comply with Directive 2014/34/EU, the regulation for the intended use of equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres.
Certificates issued under the old ATEX directive 94/9/EC (until April 20, 2006) continue to apply unabated and are updated and expanded by supplements.

> Type Examination BVS 05 ATEX E091 X (pdf)

> Operating manuel for explosion protected sensors (pdf)

> Quality assurance of the force measuring sensors (pdf)


Accessories for explosion protection sensors

Adjustment unit J-Box

Adjustment box for operating force measuring sensors without internal adjustment resistors. It is used to adjust the sensors in the
- increased temperature range
- hazardous area

Explosion protection device group II (2) G

Data sheet (pdf)

Safety barriers SIBA

For the Ex protection area

  - Gases IIC Gb, safety barriers combination E (SIBA-E) are used

  - Dusts IIIC Db, safety barriers combination D (SIBA-D) are used