Force Measuring with High Temperature

In some industries, such as the textile industry, there is increased due to the process and even to varying temperatures from the beginning to the end of the process. Here solutions have proven, in which existing connection elements are formed into so-called "measuring machine elements", such as in tenter to provide the process with fluctuating temperatures reliable measured values for the control. Special requirements for the design and attachment of the the strip tension sensors provide in the steel industry galvanizing and annealing lines. Also, the surface finishing of various materials, for example, sputtering  requires sensors which must be designed for high temperatures and also for increased accuracy.



H1     to +120 °C
H2     to +200 °C
H3     to +250 °C

M1     to -20 °C
M2     to -40 °C

The desired temperature range is specified in the order code:


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