Force sensors with dimensions on customer request

Would you like to measure the tensile and compressive forces in your system? Then you have come to the right place! We will be pleased to help you, even if no standard force measuring sensor is suitable for your application. You can modify many force measuring sensors according to your own ideas, for example by changing the dimensions.
Just ask us! We have prepared forms that will make your enquiry easier.

If you have a very special task for us or would like to use a machine part of your system as a force sensor, we would be happy to adopt the new design, also for individual devices. Write us an email with your contact details!

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Your task - Our solution

We are happy to help you with our custom-made force sensors. We try to find the technically best but still economical solution for you. Depending on your requirements, a few modifications can often suffice or we have already implemented a similar solution.
> An overview of the possible modifications you can see here
Should the situation become more difficult, we will be pleased to offer you an individual solution adapted to your application.

Your inquiry

Get in touch with us and describe your task to us. You can write us an email and describe all relevant parameters such as force range, dimensions or environmental conditions. You can also contact us directly with our prepared enquiry forms for force pins or ring force sensors. The desired dimensions can easily be entered in the forms based on the sketch, you only need to select the desired options.

Our offer

We will check your request for feasibility within a few days and ask if there are any questions. We calculate your request and make suggestions. If everything fits, we will make you an offer in terms of quantity.

    • As a company with over 40 years of application experience, we offer you reliable solutions for
    • As we are constantly developing technologically, our offer always corresponds to the latest state of the art.

    We always pay attention to an optimal price-performance ratio for you, depending on whether large series or individual part, the focus is on economic efficiency. Depending on this, the following options are available for customer-specific solutions:  

    • Modification or addition of a standard force sensor with one or more of our options
    • Changes in the dimensions of sensors, which you can specify directly in the inquiry forms
    • Calculation of an existing component from and shaping as Measuring Machine Element (MME) from

      Force sensors for your requirements

      If everything fits after coordination, we deliver the sensors, including amplifier electronics on request, to solve your requirements in the best possible way. Special dimensions are marked with an X at the end of the order code.
      Even after delivery, we are available to assist you with any questions you may have. Our goal is to work with you in a long-term partnership.