Multifunction controller for control and calculation tasks

The multifunctional controllers can be used for tension control or for other control or correction tasks. They are characterized among others by the following strengths:

  • Measuring range specification

  • Tension Controls

  • Angle correction

  • Multi-channel amplifier

  • Modular measuring amplifier

  • Digital multifunction controller



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Modular Digitaler Measuring Amplifier DCM

  • Two Relay outputs with short reaction time (max. 1 ms)
  • Low cycle time for high speed applications (0,52 ms)
  • Flexible designation of inputs and outputs
  • with angle correction
  • with integrated PID controller
  • 8-digit digital display

Signal outputs: -10... +10 V/V   /   4...20 mA
Amplfication adjustment range: 100... 30000 V/V

Data sheet DCM - Digital Controller Modul (pdf)

Data sheet DCM - Web Tension Controller (pdf)

Data sheet DCM - Wrap Angle Correction Calculator (pdf)

Application examples DCM (pdf)

General operating manual DCM (pdf)

Modular Digital Measuring Amplifier DCX

  • Individual configurable Amplifier/Controller-Unit
  • Specification of measurement channels, outputs and interfaces freely selectable
  • Low cycle time for high-speed applications (0,52 ms)
  • Amplifier with 24 bit Σ-Δ-ADC
  • Analog outputs with 16-bit resolution
  • Easy usable touch panel display

Data sheet (pdf)

Adjustment instructions DCX (pdf)
We will be happy to send you the comprehensive reference manual on request.

Device description file:
with Profibus  (.gsd)
with Profinet  (.xml)

Other manifold configuration oprtions as:

  • Closed loop controller with various programmable control modes  (8 individually configurable PID controllers)
  • Adder for several voltage values
  • Multi-channel amplifier (up to 8 measurement channels)
  • Amplifier with the possibility of:
    • External zero point adjust
    • Limit force monitoring
    • Press tonnage monitoring
    • Wrap angle correction
    • XY-sensor-signal-analysis
  •  Available Fieldbus and Ethernet Interfaces:
    • Profibus
    • Profinet
    • Canopen
    • EtherNet/IP
    • CC-Link
    • DeviceNet

Analog Amplification - Controller Combination MAC4.0

  • PID-Controller with simple adjustment with pointer potentiometers
  • Command signal input / influence of diameter change
  • Smooth start and quick stop function

Signal outputs: -10 ...+ 10 V/V / 4 ...20 mA
Amplification adjustment range: 400 ...3200 V/V

Data sheet MAC (pdf)

Complete documentation MAC (pdf)