Tension and Compression Force Sensors

Advantages of HAEHNE compression load cells

  • Optimum utilization of confined spaces

  • Use in clean rooms or in high vacuum environments possible

Increased accuracy for the measurement of partial load ranges on request


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Our Extensive Standard Program

Miniature Compression Force Sensor DK0

Extremely robust miniature load cell with smallest dimensions

Nominal force range 20 ... 50 kN
Material: Stainless steel

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Miniature Compression Force Sensor DK2M

Miniature compression sensor with a spherical load button to measure compression force in smallest spaces

Nominal force range 0,25 ... 3 kN
Material: Stainless steel

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Compression Force Sensor DK2

Space saving compression force load cells based on the membrane principle for smaller forces

Nominal force range 0,2 ... 10 kN
Material: Stainless steel

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Compression Force Sensor DK3

Rugged cylindrical sensor for applications in harsh environments

Nominal force range 1 ... 50 kN
Material: Stainless steel

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Tension and Compression Force Sensor ZK2

The new tension force sensor ZK2 is equipped on both sides with internal threads and is suitable for precise measurement of forces in rods. Using high strength eyebolts this load cell can also be used for instance between ropes for reference measurement. A use with threaded rods is also possible. The load cells ZK2 is available in 2 sizes and covers nominal force ranges from 10 kN to 100 kN.

Nominal force range 10 ... 100 kN
Material: Stainless steel and high strength aluminum

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Compression Force Load Cell DK4

Compact load cell for large forces based on the compression force principle

Nominal force range 200 ... 1000 kN
Material: Stainless steel

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Compression Force Sensor DK5

Compression force sensor for applications in the Mega Newton range

Nominal force range 1 ... 2 MN
Material: Stainless steel

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For standard compression force load cells, there are a large number of shapes and sizes and a variety of names such as compression load cells, miniature load cells, load button load cells, in-line or precision load cells, flat profile load cells etc. Compression force load cells have a wide range of applications in agricultural industry, aerospace, automated assembly operations, automotive testing etc.