Web Tension Control in the Plastic and Converting Industry

In the process of refining running webs the monitoring of the tension is of particular importance. Plastic foils, sheet metal strips, film, paper and cardboard, nonwovens, rubber, composites and technical textiles are further refined as running webs. In these processes measuring and controlling web tension is of outmost importance, for example, when: calendering, applying adhesives, coating, laminating, embossing, impregnating, moistening, drying, curing, printing,  painting, coating or nano coating.

Typical Products:

> Radial Force Sensors

> Pillow Block Sensors

> Measuring Rolls

Typical Applications

  • Rewinder and unwinders of different designs, narrow or short rolls, etc.

  • Measurement of contact forces, for example, in the calender

  • Converting machinery for the above processes

  • Cutters for longitudinal and transverse cutting of sheets