Measuring Amplifier with USB interface

The cable amplifier CA-USB is connected between sensor and PC. Analog sensor signals with a resolution of up to 16 bits are converted into digital measured values and conveniently displayed and evaluated via the included evaluation software. There is no separate power supply necessary. The sensor parameters can be stored in the measuring amplifier. After a single parameterization, each sensor is automatically recognized by the software. The measurement can be started immediately after connecting the sensor via the USB plug. With a measuring rate of 5000 measurements per second even highly dynamic measurements can be realized.

Technical Data

Signal output ± 30000 digits / 1 mV/V ≙ 10000 digits
Sampling rate max. 5 kHz
Resolution 16 bit
Strain gauge excitation supply 4 V, max 20 mA

Scope of supply

Electronic unit in aluminum tubular housing
- sensor cable fix connected to the respective force sensor (standard 1 m)
- 2 m USB cable, fixed connected
- Configuration and calculation software VSH-3

Software for configuration and evaluation