Ring force sensors for compression and tension measurement

Advantages of HAEHNE force measurement rings

  • Robust and space saving design

  • Use in aggressive environments possible

  • Increased temperature ranges

  • Amended dimensions available on request

  • Precise measurement of forces up to 10 MN



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Ring Force Sensor up to 200 kN (RKS01)

Ring Force Sensor over 200 kN (RKS02)

Examples for special tailor made ring force sensors

Our Product Program Standard Ring Force Sensors

Ring Force Sensor RKS01

Flat load cells to measure tension or compressive force in the sizes A to F

Nominal force range 5 .. 200 kN
Material: stainless steel .. 200 kN

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Ring Force Sensor RKS02

Robust ring force sensor for large forces

Nominal force range 1 ... 10 MN
Material: Stainless steel

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Tension Compression Force Sensor CTS01

Low Profile Sensor for dynamic and static force measurement in compression tension area

Nominal force range 10 ... 20 kN
Material: stainless steel

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Tension and Compression Load Cell CTS02

Tension and compression force sensor for demanding applications, insensitive to excentric load application

Nominal force range 150 ... 300 kN
Material: stainless steel

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