Increased Accuracy With Force Tranducers

The increasing width and thickness spread in strip and foil plants always require higher demands on the accuracy of the strip tension and control. HAEHNE is providing a simple way to a high-resolution, accurate and cost-effective solution. The mechanical design of optimized force sensors with an accuracy of 0.1%, improved by a factor of 5, so that the lower nominal force range can also be measured and controlled accurately.
The accuracy for small forces can be improved by a measuring range specification yet. For that a corrected characteristic value should be measured in the lower force range. The calibrations are stored in the associated amplifier HAEHNE DCM or DCX.


G1     0.3 %
G2     0.2 %
G3     0.1 %

The desired accuracy of the sensor is specified in the order code:

FEM calculation of ring force sensor:

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