Sensors For Safety-Related Applications

For safety-relevant applications in the sense of the EC Machinery Directive a risk assessment of the entire system is necessary. For this purpose, the individual components and the entire system has to be evaluated with regard to their probability of failure. Depending on the level of danger the achievement of certain performance level or a SIL-gradation is necessary.

We are happy to work with you to tailor-made solutions with regard to your requirements. For requirements in the area of Performance Level d / SIL2 we are happy to give you the respective safety-related parameters MTTFd and PFH, which are necessary for the assignment in the Performance Level. For applications requiring a Performance Level e / SIL3 we can also offer you solutions.


• Indoor and harbor cranes, hoists


Ordering information:

D1 = redundant 1 output
D2 = redundant 2 outputs

Examples from the our product range:

• Load block with redundant full-measuring bridges for increased safety

• Loadpin, standard with Performance Level d

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