Web tension sensor for radial force measurement

The force sensors measure the bearing forces acting on both sides of the rolls, in order to determine the web tension of the foil. The radio force sensors are designed to serve as both bearing housing and web tension sensors. Depending on the application and web geometry different designs of sensors can be selected.



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Our Extensive Standard Program

Force transducers RCA series

The RCA series force sensor offers compact dimensions and is designed for measuring the tension on moving material webs where deflection rollers with rigid axes are used.

Nominal force range: 50 ... 2000 N
Material: Stainless steel

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Force Measuring Bearing BZA

Reliable standard made of high-strength aluminum suitable for most applications

Nominal force range: 100 ... 5000 N
Material: aluminum

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Force Measuring Bearing BZN

Very robust stainless steel design for demanding applications, e.g. high temperatures and aggressive media. We offer solutions for applications from 160 N up to 15 kN and bearing seat diameters from 15 of up to 60 mm

Nominal force range: 160 ... 15000 N
Material: Stainless steel

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Force measurement bearing for large forces

We offer solutions for applications up to 25 kN and bearing seat diameter of up to 80 mm

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Biaxial Force Measuring Sensor XYR

Dual Axis Web Tension Sensor to measure simultaneously in the X- and Y-direction

Nominal force range: 250 ... 2000 N
Material: Stainless steel

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Bearing Support LBZR

LBZR bearing support blocks for easy assembly of BZA / BZN / BZE sensors

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Force Measuring Bearing ZAK-D

Easy to assemble to standing shaft journals
- can also be used as a tensile force sensor

Measuring range 100 ... 1000 N
Material: High-strength special steel

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Measuring Pillow Block Bearing MDL

Folding bearing for fast roller replacement with horizontal or vertical measuring direction

Nominal force 5 kN
Material: tool steel
Other nominal force or material on request

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Measuring Bearing EBZ

Cost-effective measuring bearing for a variety of applications

Nominal force range: 100 ... 1000 N
Material: high-strength Aluminum

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Force Measurement Bearing BZL-A

Very compact and cost-effective design for simplified mounting e.g. to machine walls

Nominal force range 125 ... 500 N

Material: high-strength aluminum

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Which force sensor for which application?

SensorShaft Journal Diameter [mm]Nominal Force [N]Material
BZA15 - 60100 - 5000Aluminum
BZN15 - 40160 - 4000Stainless Steel
Solutions for large forces40 - 601000 - 15000Depending on the application
XYR15 - 17250 - 200Stainless steel
BZL-A15125 - 500Aluminum
MDL200 - 5000Steel