Measuring Amplifier Accessories

In addition to our force sensors and measuring amplifiers, we offer other devices that enable efficient and error-free measuring technology. If you cannot find the right solution, send us a short message.

Other accessories:

> ATEX applications

> Mobile force measuring systems



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Accessories for DMS force measuring amplifiers

Preamplifier PAM2

DMS signal amplifier for combination with AME, DMA, DCM, DCX with 100-fold signal boost for 1 and 2-channel applications

Data sheet PAM2 (pdf)

Digital Panelmeter PM2

Digital display with ±10 V DC Nominal input voltage

Resolution: 3½ digits, ±1999 LCD display

Data sheet PM2 (pdf)

Accessories for ATEX applications

Adjustmentbox J-Box

Adjustment unit for sensor adaption for high temperature and ATEX applications

Explosion protection equipment group II (2): Ci; Li; 0
Are determined by the specification of the related accesories: Ui and Pi

Data sheet J-Box (pdf)

Safety Barriers SIBA

Ui<=17 V
IiUi and Pi