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HAEHNE - Your Partner For Force Measurement And Web Tension

We develop, produce and sell force sensors and evaluation electronics to make your machines and plants more efficient and to ensure production quality. Our claim is to provide you with suitable, reliable and easy-to-use products for your application.

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We attach great importance to a simple and easy selection, usability and handling of our products. 


We will gladly advise you on the selection of the right product or we will adapt our product to your tasks. 


Our products should work reliably for you. This is our greatest desire. 

Web Tension

The strip tension and web tension control is the core competence of HAEHNE Kraftmesstechnik Company. The program includes all common types of load cells: Pillow Block Sensors for minimum and maximum forces, radial force sensors, measuring bearings and load pins, complete measurement rolls, and one-sided measuring rolls. Years of experience in providing special solutions in environments such as high temperature, vacuum, acids, and alkalis complement the standard product program.

Force Measurement

HAEHNE Kraftmesstechnik covers the broad field of force transducers such as force measurement bolts, load pins and load cells in the manifold forms as tension sensors in the lifting equipment as well as precise pressure force sensors for joining in the assembly. Ring force sensors, for example, in Roll Coaters allow precise control of the contact pressure rollers. Portable force gauges are designed for the measurement of nip forces in calenders.

Amplifiers and Controllers

HAEHNE provides complete measurement solutions consisting of force sensor, strain gauge amplifiers and PID Controller in particular for drives in winding applications. The new 8-channel multifunctional strain gauge amplifier module DCX was developed in close cooperation with our customers and results in particularly cost-effective solutions. Amplifiers interfaces are available in the common field bus standards: Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNet, EtherNet, etc., both for field mounting as well as for DIN rail mounting, ATEX versions for hazardous areas are also available.

Special Solutions in Force Measurement Technologies

Do you have a special requirement for force measurement technology that cannot be covered with a standard sensor?
HAEHNE has specialized in force sensors according to specifications and has developed a corresponding modular system. In addition to the design of “sensors according to drawings”, HAEHNE also offers an expanded option system that can be used on almost all standard sensors. For example: Adjustment of the nominal force or measuring range spread also with increased accuracy, SIL2 or PLd explanations for HAEHNE products, use at elevated temperatures up to 300 ° C or in aggressive environments with alkalis and acids, applications in high vacuum up to 10-7 millibars, replacement of a standard force sensor as an additive element of a machine construction by the formation of system parts to so-called "measuring machine elements".

HAEHNE receives official vote of thanks

POSCO, the largest Korean steel producer and fourth largest steel supplier in the world, thanks HAEHNE for its special commitment. 


HAEHNE expands product range

In cooperation with its sister companies, HAEHNE is significantly expanding its product range for force measurement technology.


HAEHNE named Supplier of the Year

Due to the many years of good cooperation, HAEHNE has been named Supplier of the Year 2021 by the company Reifenhauser. 


Wherever tension forces must be measured and controlled in webs HAEHNE products are in use. This includes winding installations in sectors such as metal, paper, plastic, and textile. HAEHNE force measurement technology provides reliable product quality by relying on its competence and know-how of product development, manufacturing, and sales. Through our continuous implementation of knowledge and experience from many projects, we have developed into a leading solution provider for their customers. However, the benefit of the customer is our guideline. HAEHNE force sensors and the appropriate strain gauge amplifiers can be adapted by different options the specific customer situations.