Sensors for Anchor Force Measurement


Inspection and supervision of civil engineering and natural geological conditions gain an increasingly important role. Depending on the measurement situation HAEHNE offers appropriate standard or customer specific force sensors also for large forces up to 10 MN. Of special importance is the review and long-term monitoring of the anchor forces in civil engineering or tunnel construction, but also in building construction. Additional applications of HAEHNE force sensors also involve testing and monitoring pale construction. But also monitoring the statics of bridges or older buildings can be done by using ring force sensors for example

Typical  Products:

>Tension and Compression Sensor CTS02

> Ring Force Sensor RKS02 up to 10 MN

Typical Applications

  • Tunnel monitoring
  • Bridge inspection
  • Anchor force monitoring during construction
  • Anchor force measurement, mechanical deformation measurement

Weitere mögliche Anwendungen sind Geomonitoring, mechanische Deformationsmessung, Kraftmessung an Pfählen, bzw. Messung der Pfahl - Belastung mit Messdosen als Ringkraftanker oder Zuganker und anderen speziell ausgeformten Kraftsensoren.