Measuring Electronics

Our measuring electronics are used to display, transfer and record measurement data. In principle, all our strain gauges are suitable for the connection of all force sensors, regardless of whether they were manufactured by us or not. In addition to analog amplifiers with voltage output or current output, we can also pass on our measurement data with all current interface protocols. For demanding control tasks, our multifunctional control units are the right choice. The highest signal processing speed and interference-free measuring signals are our main aim.

Which signal do I get at which nominal force? With our gain calculator, you can easily convert the mV signal of the sensor into your amplifier output signal, also for Profinet or Profibus interfaces. Try it!

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Analog Measuring Amplifier

HAEHNE amplifiers convert the strain gauge signals into reliable analog signals (4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10 V). They are available in field housings for heavy duty applications as well as for DIN rail mounting in the control cabinet. Depending on the requirements, the measurement values can be adjusted to analog or digital signals.

Multifunctional Controller

For the process or load monitoring in machines HAEHNE offers PID controllers with very easy to use adjustment features. In addition to the very common closed loop control applications, they can also be used for limit force monitoring or angular or multiple wrap angle corrections.

Fieldbus Strain Gauge Amplifiers

For direct integration of the measurement signals into the machine controls, HAEHNE amplifiers can provide the signals in all valid fieldbus and Ethernet interfaces, such as Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet, EtherCAT, CANOpen and CC-Link

Sensors Suitable in Hazardous Areas

Sensors with electronic ancillary equipment for hazardous areas

We develop and manufacture a broad product program for amplifier units for recording and evaluating the measurement data from sensors with strain gauges. For each of our DMS sensors, we offer the optimum measuring electronics and deliver you a directly usable measuring chain.

In addition to measuring amplifiers with analog output with or without display, we also offer digital single and multi-channel amplifiers with an interface, either for the DIN rail or in the field housing.