ATEX - Explosion Proofed Force Measurement Equipment

ATEX- Explosion proofed force measurement sensors

In hazardous areas, only equipment and protective systems can be put into operation, which are certified and marked accordingly. The ATEX certification of HAEHNE sensors does meet these requirements for equipment group II, category 2G. In these environments increased temperature ranges can also occur. Typical applications are found in ChemCoaters, in aluminum rolling mills, paint shops and in the chemical industry.


Sensors in potentially explosive atmospheres are characterized by an F in the order code:


HAEHNE  sensors are supplied as complete measuring system consisting of the following components: sensors, J-Box, safety barrier and the associated measuring amplifier with option F. Each measuring system consists of firmly assigned components.The J-Box contains the resistances for the adjustment of zero point and nominal rating and is considered as a simple electrical equipment.

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