Ring force sensors for compression and tension measurement

Advantages of HAEHNE force measurement rings

  • Robust and space saving design
  • Use in aggressive environments possible
  • Increased temperature ranges
  • Amended dimensions available on request
  • Precise measurement of forces up to 10 MN



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For individual dimensions and special designs

Available are ring force sensors 

from 1 kN to 10 MN nominal force



Examples for special tailor made sensors

Our Product Program

Ring Force Sensor RKS01

Flat load cells to measure tension or compressive force in the standard - sizes A to F

Nominal force range 5 .. 200 kN
Material: stainless steel .. 200 kN

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Ring Force Sensor RKS02

Robust ring force sensor for large forces

Nominal force range 1 ... 10 MN
Material: Stainless steel

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Tension Compression Force Sensor CTS01

Low Profile Sensor for dynamic and static force measurement in compression tension area

Nominal force range 10 ... 20 kN
Material: stainless steel

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Tension and Compression Load Cell CTS02

Tension and compression force sensor for demanding applications, insensitive to excentric load application

Nominal force range 150 ... 300 kN
Material: stainless steel

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