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Precise web tension measurement in printing presses

Web tension measurement is indispensable for process optimization in printing machines and yet is constantly producing new challenges.

Applications in flexo or gravure printing, for example, require precise control of the material to be printed, which often has very different properties. This is where HAEHNE comes into play. With the RCA series HAEHNE demonstrates outstanding features throughout the portfolio that can make all the differences in the daily production process.

The HAEHNE force sensors of the RCA series offer compact dimensions and are designed for measuring the tension on running material webs where deflection rollers with rigid axes are used.


Flexible mounting options

Flexible mounting options include the possibility to install the force sensors either with four mounting screws from the front or with one mounting screw (+ anti-rotation lock) from the rear. Adapters for different axle diameters are available from 17mm to 40mm and in inch dimensions. As with all HAEHNE force sensors for web tension measurement, the inner part functions as a double-bending beam system. Thanks to its special design the RCA impresses with its very high accuracy, high linearity, and high stiffness.


High accuracy and large measuring range

HAEHNE force measuring bearings with strain gauges in full bridge circuit provide highly precise signals, even with a small wrap angle and low material tension, thanks to the high accuracy class of up to 0.1% of nominal force and a measuring range resolution of 100:1.

The sensor series can be used in a vacuum and, thanks to HAEHNE‘s ATEX certification, also in potentially explosive atmospheres. A measuring amplifier from the HAEHNE product program processes the measuring signals and feeds the strain gauge full bridge.


The Blue Dot with added value

For the first time, HAEHNE is introducing the Blue Dot in the RCA series, which indicates the direction of force application on the force transducer and gradually replaces the previous Red Dot. Behind HAEHNE‘s Blue Dot is a highly committed and application-experienced engineering, manufacturing and sales team that learns from new challenges every day. It questions familiar methods and optimizes them for the benefit of all customers.


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