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HAEHNE named Supplier of the Year

Due to the many years of good cooperation, HAEHNE has been named Supplier of the Year 2021 by the company Reifenhauser. Reifenhauser is regarded as…

SMW - Segmented measuring roll

Web tension measurement with individual roller elements

New QR code service from HAEHNE - We make it easier for you

From now, there will be a QR code on all new HAEHNE products.

USB Amplifier with measuring bolt

Force signals via USB in the PC

With the new cable amplifier CA-USB, signals from HAEHNE force sensors can now be comfortably read into PC's and then be further evaluated.

IO-Link Amplifier with force sensor

Intelligent force measuring technology with IO-Link amplifier

The IO-Link from HAEHNE is a universal data interface with intelligent two-way communication for data transmission between the plant control system…

Increased Accuracy in the Web Tension Measurement

Increased Accuracy in the Web Tension Measurement

The actual working ranges of industrial equipment are increasing constantly. This applies also to web and coil processing equipment being capable of…

[Translate to Deutsch:] DMS-Verstärker für diverse Schnittstellen und Feldbusanbindungen

New strain gauge amplifier for EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, ProfiNet or Profibus

The new strain gauge amplifier “DA-“ from the HAEHNE company has extensively expanded its interface connection possibilities to EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT…

[Translate to Deutsch:] Redundante Sensoren

Sensors with Redundant Design

For the risk assessment according to the DIN EN ISO 13849-1 Machinery Directive HAEHNE offers its customers to calculate the probability of failure,…

Software for Web Tension Calculation

Web Tension Calculation ONLINE

Supporting customer inquiries ONLINE - that is the goal of the new HAEHNE software for web tension calculation. With a few details: web tension…

Ring force sensor with 10 meganewtons measuring force

10 Meganewton Ring Force Sensor for Construction Machine

This customer-specific sensor for a tunnel boring machine has a diameter of 870 mm and a height of only 100 mm, dimensions which have been specified…