Force Measuring Bearing BZA

The BZA force measuring bearings are suitable for direct measurement of the web tension that occurs in the production and further processing of web shaped materials. They are used as flange bearing housings and detect the roller bearing forces. Cost-effective made of high-strength aluminum, they are characterized by high measurement accuracy and a special durability. The measuring bearings can be mounted directly on the machine wall or with a bearing block.


Technical Data

Nominal Force Size 1 100 ...1000 N
  Size 2 160 ...1600 N
  Size 3 500 ...3000 N
  Size 4 1000 ...5000 N
max. operating force   160 %
max. axial force   50 %
max. transversal force   100 %
max. bridge supply voltage   10 V DC

Scope of Supply

Web tension sensor in flange design 
with 5 m cable (PVC), with
connection S: Plug connection, right-angled, MIL

Other connection variants
S1: Plug connectiion right-angled, M12 metal 
S2: Plug connectiion right-angled, M12 moulded

Additionally available:
Mounting kit (bearings, locking and sealing rings)

Suitable bearing block for the most common sizes (pdf) 

Application Example for Force Measuring Bearing

Accessories Force Measuring Bearing BZA

for example:


Particularly robust web tension sensor in stainless steel design for demanding requirements such as high temperatures or aggressive media.

Nominal force 160 N up to 15 kN


Reliable force measuring sensor for solutions with a nominal force of up to 25 kN and a shaft journal diameter of up to 80 mm

You have not found a suitable standard sensor?

We offer you a modified or newly designed sensor according to your requirements.

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for example:


Easily operated amplifier, easy commissioning,
operation with keyboard input.

Signal outputs: -10... +10 V/V  /  4...20 mA  /  0...20 mA
Total amplification range: 250... 4000 V/V


Reliable, precise amplifier in the field housing

Signal outputs: -10... +10 V/V  /  4...20 mA  /  0...20 mA
Total amplification range: 400... 3200 V/V


Easy to use, cost-effective amplifier for DIN rail mounting

Signal outputs: -10... +10 V/V / 4...20 mA  /  0...20 mA
Total amplification range: 400... 3200 V/V

Fieldbus Amplifiers

• Digital and analog
• Field mounting and DIN rail

• Profibus
• Profinet
• EtherNet/IP
• DeviceNet
• CANopen

Digitale Multifunction Controller

• Flexible designation of inputs and outputs

• Individual configurable

• for 2-channel applications and control