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Customer Specific Solutions for Force Measurement

In order to cope with the completion in the world market it is essentially necessary to continue with innovations and improve the current developments again and again.

This is of course also important for the development of production machines where the requirements get higher and higher.

Of course this happens also with regard to the measurement technology and HAEHNE has accompanied many customers on the way over the last years. Besides the established standard products HAEHNE also offered customer specific solutions for force measurement. These have a broad range and start with a one-time special solution and go up to customer specific solutions for standard machines. The principle thought is always the same. To develop a machine which can give the highest performance and the best handling comfort at an attractive price. But the additional measures still have to be economical so that there are still savings. For this reason HAEHNE developed a modular system with different options, which can cope a comprehensive part of the customer specific solutions:

• Adaption of sensor for specific ambiances, e.g. aggressive media and extreme temperatures (from -40 up to 300° C)

• Force sensors for vacuum and clean room applications or

  for potentially explosive atmospheres

• Sensors with a very high accuracy up to <0,1 %

• Redundant signal outlets for safety applications or force measurement bolts with PL d according to DIN EN ISO 13849-1

• Mechanical adaptions according to customer requirements
- Modification of standard sensors with regard to dimensions, bore holes or additional parts
- Customer specific nominal forces without changing the current dimensions
- Development of existing machines parts into “measuring machine elements”

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