Pressure Force Sensor DK5

Force sensor with small footprint for measuring relatively high pressure forces.

Technical Data

Nominal Force [MN] 1; 2
Max. operating force [%] 150
Combined error [%] 1
Bridge supply voltage [VDC] 10

Scope of Supply

Pressure Force Sensor with 5 m cable (PVC), axial cable outlet and straight cable gland (connection variant T) , incl. load button

Additional Accessories
Self aligning pad

Application Examples Pressure Force Sensor

Similar Sensors


Robust compression force sensor for harsh environments, also for use in very wet machine and work areas
Nominal force range 1 ...50 kN




Pressure force sensor made of stainless steel for large forces, designed as a compact compression body.
Nominal force range 200 ... 1000 kN



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