Analog Measuring Amplifier MV125

The measuring amplifiers are preferably used in cases when the analog measuring signals of the sensors must be amplified close to their location on machines and equipment in rough environments. The standardised output signals of the amplifier can then be transmitted over long distances.

Technical Data

Voltage output -10... 0... +10 V
Option C 4...20 mA
Option N 0...20 mA
Total amplification adjustment range 400... 3200 V/V
Strain gauge excitation supply 10 V

Scope of Supply

Amplifier in cast aluminum enclosure with
variant U (standard):
2 voltage outputs (direct / filtered)

Variant C:
1 current output 4...20 mA,
2 voltage outputs (direct / filtered)

Variant N:
1 current output 0...20 mA,
2 voltage outputs (direct / filtered)

Additional options

E: Enlarged excitation supply 160 mA

F: Designed for operation with explosion-proof sensor

Application Examples for Analog Measuring Amplifiers