Measuring Amplifier DMA3

Measuring amplifier with display and keyboard, designed for use in the control cabinet.

The DMA2 device has been redesigned but can easily be replaced with the improved DMA3 version. The devices are identical.
Compared to the amplifier DMA2, there is a larger range for the overall gain and faster signal rise times.

Technical Data

Signal output -10...0...+10 V
Option C 4...20 mA
Option N 0...20 mA
Total gain adjustment range 250... 4000 V/V
Signal rise time V2 direkt: 1 ms
  V3 filtered: 2 s
Sensor supply 10 V, Option J: 5V

Scope of Supply

Amplifier in standard housing with
2 voltage outputs (direct / filtered)

Variant C:
1 current output 4 ... 20 mA,
2 voltage outputs (direct / filtered)

Variant N:
1 current output 0 ... 20 mA,
2 voltage outputs (direct / filtered)

Addiional options

E: Enlarged excitation supply 160 mA

F: Designed for operation with explosion-proof sensors

J: for strain gauge sensors with 5V supply voltage

T: Front panel incl. steel bracket

G2: Steel housing with door and window

Application Examples for Measuring Amplifier DMA