Strenghts of HAEHNE Analog Measurement Amplifier Systems

HAEHNE amplifiers convert the strain gauge measuring signals into reliable analogue signals (4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10 V). They are available both in the field housing for heavy-duty applications and for DIN rail mounting in the control cabinet.

Its strengths include the following features:

  • Rise times of filter continuously adjustable
  • Electrical isolation
  • Power supply and signal outputs galvanically isolated
  • Very fast processing times

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Our Extensive Standard Program

Analog Measuring Amplifier MV125

Reliable amplifier in field enclosure

Signal outputs: -10... +10 V   /   4...20 mA
Amplification adjustment range: 400... 3200 V/V

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Analog Strain Gauge Amplifier AME2

Easy to use, cost-effective amplifier for DIN rail mounting

  • All adjustments front panel accessible
  • Rise time of filter infinitely adjustable
  • Galvanically isolated
  • Plug-in terminal blocks

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Force Measurement Amplifier DMA

Amplifier with digital adjustment for time efficient commissioning

  • Integrated display of actual force and parameters
  • Push button adjustment
  • Peak value storage
  • Gain function

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Inline Cable Amplifier CA

Space saving inline cable amplifier for field mounting close to the sensor

Signal outputs: -10... +10 V    /    4... 20 mA
Amplification adjustment range: 20...4000 V/V

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Measurement Amplifier MV127

Amplifier in field enclosure with adder function

Signal outputs: -10... +10 V/V    /    4... 20 mA
Amplfication adjustment range: 400...3200 V/V

Data sheet (pdf)

Analog Measurement Amplifier MV128

Analog measurement amplifier with analog display

Signal outputs: -10... +10 V    /    4 ... 20 mA
Amplification adjustment range: 400 ... 3200 V/V

Data sheet (pdf)

Preamplifier PAM2

Preamplifier in aluminum enclosure for sensor cable length longer than permissible

Amplfication factor: 100

Data sheet (pdf)

Digital Panelmeter PM2

Digital display with ±10 V DC Nominal input voltage

Resolution: 3½ digits, ±1999 LCD display

Data sheet (pdf)