Analog Measuring Amplifier AME3

Due to its compact design, the strain gauge amplifier AME3 is optimally designed for use in the control cabinet in the narrow DIN rail housing. To set the zero point and the gain of the AME3 is equipped with 2 trim pots (coarse and fine) with 22 revolutions.

Technical Data

Voltage output -10...0...+10 V
Option C 4...20 mA
Option N 0...20 mA
Adjustment range of total gain 400... 3200 V/V
Strain gauge excitation voltage 10 V

Scope of Supply

Amplifier in DIN Rail enclosure
Variant U (standard):
2 voltage outputs (direct / filtered)

Variant C:
1 current output 4...20 mA,
direckt + variant U

Variant N:
1 current output0...20 mA,
direct + variant U

Variant CD:
1 current output4...20 mA,
filtered+ variant U

Variant ND:
1 current output0...20 mA,
filtered+ variant U

Additional Options

E: Enlarged excitation voltage 160 mA

F: Designed for operation with explosion-proof sensor

Application Example for Measuring Amplifier AME3