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Questions about web tension measurement and force measurement


How do I choose the right web tension sensor?

  • Desired nominal force
  • Suitables design
  • How to order
  • Further requirements
  • Inquiry


How do I choose the right force sensor?

  • Selection square: nominal force, application, design, size
  • Sensor from the standard program
  • Adaption of the dimensions


Sensor cable and connection

  • How should I wire the sensor?
  • Which wire assignment has my cable or plug?
  • How long may the sonsor cable be?



  • I get a measurement error. What can I do?
  • Why does my amplifier constantly indicate 4 mA or 0 V?
  • Is my sensor defective?


Glossary force measuring sensor

  • Technical terms from the product description of the force measuring sensors?



  • What is the relationship between measuring force, sensor output signal and amplifier output voltage?