Selection Web Tension Sensors

How do I choose the right web tension sensor?

1. Nominal force

To select the correct web tension sensor, the desired nominal force of the sensor should first be determined. For this purpose, information about the maximum web tension, the roll weight and the wrap angle are generally required. From this, the force per sensor can then be determined. You can also calculate these with our software for measuring force calculation

2. Design

Based on these results, you should select the right design for you. Typical designs are sensors for bearing installation (force measuring bearing), force measuring block, traction measuring roller or as well measuring roll.

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3. How to order

After choosing the basic design, you can configure the specific product closer to your needs. The order codes on the product descriptions help you to choose the right configuration, for example:


4. Modular system
In addition to the basic configuration, you can formulate further requirements for your measurement. For many typical problems, we already have modular solutions.

5. Inquiry
Together with your contact details and ideally the required quantity, we look forward to your inquiry

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