Force Transducer Maintenance


HAEHNE force transducers and web tension sensors are basically maintenance-free. However, the force sensors should be recalibrated if the test overload has been exceeded, after repairs have been carried out or other improper handling or changes have taken place.
The force zero value should always be checked after a possible overload of the force sensors. Force and web tension sensors must not be opened. The systems do not contain any wearing or spare parts.
The force measuring devices can be recalibrated according to defined cycles / intervals. The user is responsible for allowing a reasonable period of time to repeat the calibration. For critical applications, we also recommend keeping spare parts for the corresponding sensors. The same applies to electronic units.


In the event of recognizable damage or malfunctions, force transducers and web tension sensors must be taken out of service immediately. Defective devices must be replaced immediately.
Force and web tension sensors must not be opened. Improper opening leads to the loss of the guarantee or the ATEX approval for explosion-proof versions.
Repairs to HAEHNE devices may only be carried out by specialist personnel authorized by the manufacturer using original spare parts.

Defective electronic units must be disconnected from the mains immediately and replaced.
The opening of electronic units and any adjustment work inside the device may only be carried out by authorized specialist personnel.
The applicable regulations and safety regulations for low-voltage and high-voltage electrical systems as well as the national safety regulations must be observed.

Authorized personnel for installation, inspection, maintenance and operation are people who have had professional training, technical experience and knowledge of the relevant standards and guidelines and who are also able to assess their tasks and recognize possible dangers at an early stage .
Improper repairs can result in considerable dangers and damage to the user.
HAEHNE Elektronische Messgeräte GmbH cannot be held responsible for damage caused as a result of non-compliance with the safety instructions.