Tension Force Sensor ZAD-A

With the tension force sensor ZAD-A, the tension can be detected selectively and output directly as analogue signals through the integrated amplifier.

Technical Data

Nominal force (standard) 10; 20; 50; 100; 200; 500 N
Overload protection 1000 %, max. 2000 N
Max. operating force 160 %
Combined error 0,5 %
Signal output variant U Tension ± 0 ...10V
Signal output variant C Voltage 4 ...20 mA

Download Documents Tension Force Sensor ZAD-A

Daten Sheet ZAD-A (pdf)

Connection, wiring (pdf)<link file:831 _blank> </link>

Practice guide for web and force tension measurenent (pdf)

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Scope of Supply

Tension Force Sensor with 5 m cable (PVC) 
incl. fixing nuts M25x1,5
and axial cable outlet

Connection variant T: cable gland, straight

Amplifier output C (4 ... 20 mA)



U: Amplifier voltage output (± 0 ... 10 V)

N2: Plug connection straight, M12, moulded
S2: Plug connection right-angled, M12, moulded

R: Radial cable outlet


Application Example Tension Force Sensor ZAD-A

for example:


Tension force measuring roll with external thread
Nominal force range 10 ... 500 N


Tensile force sensor with different axle designs and
larger nominal force range of 10 ... 2000 N



Easily mounted tension force sensor with clamping adapter
Nominal force range 100 ... 1000 N

for example:


Easily operated amplifier, easy commissioning,
operation with keyboard input.

Signal outputs: -10... +10 V/V  /  4...20 mA  /  0...20 mA
Total amplification range: 250... 4000 V/V


Reliable, precise amplifier in the field housing

Signal outputs: -10... +10 V/V  /  4...20 mA  /  0...20 mA
Total amplification range: 400... 3200 V/V

Fieldbus Amplifiers

• Digital and analog
• Field mounting and DIN rail

• Profibus
• Profinet
• EtherNet/IP
• DeviceNet
• CANopen